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The redevelopment of the former Civic Arena site and the Melody Tent site in the Lower Hill District has the potential to transform the Southwestern Pennsylvania region, Allegheny County, the City of Pittsburgh and, in particular, the Downtown, Uptown and Greater Hill District communities.  It will not only reconnect these communities, but it also will act as a catalyst for economic development throughout the Greater Hill District community and create job, business and wealth building opportunities for its residents.  In order to build on the success of the Pittsburgh Penguins organization in bringing jobs and economic investment to the community in connection with the development of PPG Paints Arena and to capitalize on the new opportunities created by the redevelopment of the Development Site, a Community Collaboration and Implementation Plan has been created.

This Plan describes specific goals, strategies and processes for maximizing the inclusion of the Greater Hill District community and its residents in certain aspects of the redevelopment project. In many respects, it establishes a set of best practices for the collaboration between the participants in the redevelopment. This Plan and the implementation of its goals, objectives, strategies and processes is intended to represent an unprecedented level of collaboration for the Southwestern Pennsylvania region among developers, public partners and community stakeholders for the benefit of one community. 

This Plan will be implemented through a Community Collaboration Executive Management Committee. The participants in the Plan have agreed to work together to develop a Greater Hill District Neighborhood Reinvestment Fund, comprised of Tax Increment Financing revenue generated from within the Greater Hill District, private investment solicited by the Development Team and other potential revenue sources to attract additional funding and generate revenue for implementing the goals, strategies and processes in this Plan, investing in or providing financing for development projects and funding other community needs on the Development Site and elsewhere in the Greater Hill District.

The opportunities described in the Plan will not be realized, however, without actual development.  The Plan is intended to be balanced so that the goals, objectives, strategies and processes do not become an impediment to attracting qualified developers and encouraging quality development; rather, they will become one of the reasons that qualified developers want to participate in this development.  No individual developer, public partner or community stakeholder will be overburdened with the responsibility for funding or implementing particular programs or initiatives.  Instead, they will work together to utilize existing programs or initiatives to implement the  Plan and further the development of the Greater Hill District and, to the extent that existing programs or initiatives are not sufficient, identify and secure sources of funding and other resources to supplement such  programs or initiatives, whether through the Reinvestment Fund or other means. 

The Plan evolved from ongoing discussions between the Pittsburgh Penguins organization and the Lower Hill Working Group on behalf of the Greater Hill District community with input from the public partners; and the Sports & Exhibition Authority of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh, the City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County all working together in support of the  Plan in an effort to assist in and further the continued redevelopment of the Greater Hill District.